Reverberation curtain chamber: who to contact 

What is a reverberation curtain chamber

A reverberation chamber, also known as a reverberation chamber or reverberation chamber, is a room designed to test the acoustic properties of materials and products. It is an enclosed space with reflective walls, ceiling and floor, which creates a diffuse sound field that allows the sound absorption, transmission and reflection properties of different surfaces to be accurately measured. The reverberation curtain chamber, on the other hand, is a smaller, portable version of the reverberation chamber that can be easily installed in different locations. It consists of a tent-shaped structure made of sound-absorbing materials that can be easily assembled and disassembled. This is commonly used to test the acoustic properties of small products, such as loudspeakers, headphones and microphones. It is also used in the research and development of new acoustic insulation materials, such as noise barriers, acoustic panels and sound-absorbing materials. One of the advantages of it is its portability and ease of use. It can be quickly set up and transported to different locations for testing, making it ideal for on-site testing or field measurements. It is also less expensive than a full-scale reverberation chamber, which can be costly to build and maintain. Overall, the reverberation curtain chamber is a useful tool for measuring the acoustic properties of materials and products in a controlled environment, providing valuable information for product development and acoustic engineering research.

Reverberation curtain chamber: who to rely

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